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by Jon Wuebben - Founder and CEO of Content Launch

Jon Wuebben – The Content Coach for Corporate America

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Content Rich Online Marketing Summit

In this program, Jon takes his audience through all the important online marketing strategies and tactics, from banner ads to email marketing, blogging to social media. The Summit is an action packed seminar that focuses on results – plain and simple. Jon drills down to the most important teachings and provides a ton of substance – no fluff – with lots of step-by-step instructions. He also reviews websites for those in attendance and provides instant feedback – tactics that can be implemented immediately to improve search engine rankings and sales conversion.

Fact: a startling number of small businesses out there do not understand how to maximize Web 2.0 strategies. Why? There are many reasons for this including lack of time, desire, budget and know-how. With Content Rich, Jon explains how all of these factors can be neutralized. His well known motivational style and can-do approach will convince any skeptic that real online results can be achieved – without breaking the bank.

Jon’s goal is simple — to spread the good news of online marketing strategy to companies, associations and entrepreneurs all over the world. Whether you are just learning online marketing or are a seasoned expert, Jon will add significant value to your overall learning.

Full Program Agenda:


  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Your website as a weapon
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Link Building
  • Sub-strategies based on type of business: Local Search; E-commerce: the basics; Other businesses – manufacturers, distributors, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing / Online Partnerships


  • Web content – copywriting
  • Landing pages
  • Email – newsletter marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • White papers, e-books, reports, demos (free offer content)
  • Advertising: PPC/Banner Ads
  • Video Content
  • Audio Content (podcasts/webinars)


  • 10 Step Plan (Local companies, e-commerce, others)
  • How do you get all this stuff done?
  • Analytics – Measure your progress
  • The Future of Online Marketing
  • Your marketing plan

Any of the above topics can also be presented individually, depending on your needs. (ie. Popular subjects like “Social Media” and “Blogging” are frequently requested as stand-alone programs.)

This program is available as a Keynote, two hour Workshop, 1/2 Day Seminar or Full Day Event. Book Jon today!

Social Media: Redefining Business, Revolutionizing the World

Social Media is the hottest thing in business since the Internet itself. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube leading the charge, the very essence of how we communicate is changing right before our eyes. Where before we had one-to-one or one-to-many type conversations, we are now having “many-to-many” type conversations all the time. The impact on business has been immediate and far reaching. With hundreds of millions of people across the globe joining in, it has been a revolution unlike any we have ever seen. And its just beginning. So how can businesses maximize their social media efforts? How can they achieve their goals? Is there a measurable ROI? Jon will help you navigate these very interesting waters in his popular program, “Social Media: Redefining Business, Revolutionizing the World”.

Sample Topics:

  • Getting started with Social Media – what do you need to know?
  • Maximizing your time with Twitter and Facebook
  • Exploiting the viral nature of Social Media
  • Facts and Stats on what’s happening out there
  • Social Media ROI? Yes!

This program is available as a Keynote, two hour Workshop, 1/2 Day Seminar or Full Day Event. Book Jon Wuebben, the “Sage of Social Media”, today!

Managing and Growing your Company in 2012

In this program, Jon takes his audience through all the important aspects of managing and growing a small business in the current economic climate. From marketing strategy to long range planning, he covers everything you need to know to separate your company from competitors and dominate your industry. In fact, through his teachings, you’ll see how your “small” business could turn into something much larger in very little time.

The program is action packed, complete with great visuals, interesting real world stories and group exercises. Jon will show you how the power of leverage, outsourcing and prioritization can be used to unleash your company’s inner strength. With his marketing background, he also reviews websites for those in attendance and provides instant feedback – tactics that can be implemented immediately to improve search engine rankings and sales conversion for your small business.

Why do most small businesses stay small? Because they fail to acknowledge that they can’t do it on their own. They miss out on opportunities to partner with others. They mismanage their cashflow and make financial mistakes. With “The 39 Virtues of Small Business Success”, Jon explains how all of your challenges can be neutralized and your opportunities, realized. His well known motivational style and can-do approach will convince any skeptic that real results can be achieved – without breaking the bank.

Sample Topics:

  • Leadership traits of the small business person
  • Decision-making skills
  • Managing your employees
  • Marketing basics
  • Forecasting for future growth
  • Financing options

This program is available as a Keynote, two hour Workshop, ½ Day Seminar or Full Day Event. Book Jon today!

Corporate Escape – Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur

In this program, Jon explores the fascinating world of the entrepreneur – how they are unique, what they bring to the table and why they are single handedly going to pull us out of the recession. An entrepreneur for over ten years, with two successful businesses under his belt, Jon knows the pitfalls, the shortcuts and all the signs to look for along the way. He also teaches entrepreneurship at the college level.

Action packed and all about helping you get off your feet, you’ll get valuable advice about your new business idea and tools to get it started tomorrow. From determining the market need to setting up your website, you’ll see how – and why – everything ties together in the new business venture. With his marketing background, Jon also reviews websites for those in attendance and provides instant feedback – tactics that can be implemented immediately to improve search engine rankings and sales conversion.

Part art, part science, all passion, being a successful entrepreneur isn’t easy. But it can be learned. Not all great Fortune 100 companies had naturally charismatic founders with all the answers! With “Corporate Escape – Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur”, Jon dispels the myths, gives you the secrets and supercharges your motivation. Whether you are someone with a new business idea or a serial entrepreneur with five or more successful businesses behind you, Jon will give you new insights into how you can achieve more.

Sample Topics:

  • Thinking success
  • Getting passionate
  • Focusing on your strengths
  • Working smart – working hard
  • Networking – networking – networking
  • Being disciplined

Online content strategy will enter the mainstream with print and other traditional media continuing their downward spiral. In other words, more companies will understand the value and effectiveness of content: creating and distributing it, but also leveraging it. How will brand marketers do it in 2011? By having a presence in the blogosphere, in social networking, in local search and everywhere there customers and potential customers are online. But simply having a presence, of course, will not be enough. They will need to be active participants, and need to be perceived as an authentic resource. They then need to capitalize on this presence by simply being EVERYWHERE at ALL TIMES. They will leverage this presence by having contests, special events, promotions and other activities that will give them more “face time” with their customers.


“Many walked away with new insights and excitement about what can be done online. I really enjoyed it and got a lot of value from your talk. Thank you very much!”
Susie Silvestri, Founder, Stress Less for Life

“Well prepared, well delivered, a lot of valuable market and trend information, great guidance and relevant tips for us as we shift into the social media space.”
Julie Smith, Raytheon

Jon spoke to our group on writing web content, communicating using electronic media and social media. He was well received by the TOCA audience, which includes trade industry editors and marketing communications experts. We appreciated the conciseness of his presentation, relevance to our audience and ability to deliver what he promised. The bottom line: his presentation was what was desired. All in all, we were very happy with his performance and would highly recommend him for similar-type presentations.”
Den Gardner, Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association

“Jon Wuebben presented, “Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines and Conversion” at the New Media Expo in August 2008. As a well known Content Strategy expert, it was great to have him at the conference. He did an outstanding job. Jon was interesting, engaging and helpful in providing session attendees with the important information they needed to know about search engine optimization, keyword research, meta tags, writing persuasive content and more. A timely topic for sure. I highly recommend him for your next meeting!”
Tim Bourquin – CEO, Ideas for Download, LLC

“I asked Jon to be a part of my real estate seminar ‘Boot Camp” in Orlando, Florida. Jon spoke about Online Marketing and Content Development. He did an incredible job, and clearly had the ability to connect with them, which isn’t always easy with “big ego” professionals. He was interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. Get Jon on the agenda! He will not disappoint.”
Roman Bodnarchuk – President, N5R

“Jon is very knowledgeable and personable about Internet Marketing. He is a down-to-earth guy who is happy to speak with you one-on-one and provide helpful tips. If you are interested in learning about Internet Marketing, I highly recommend you attend one of his sessions!”
Joe Connor, Connor Marketing

“I got $10,000 worth of information in the two hours of Jon Wuebben’s incredibly rich Content Rich seminar. Jon gave away so many great ideas I’m a little unclear on how he plans to make money for himself! And that’s the truth!”
Suzanne Delzio,

“Thanks for the great seminar!”
Craig Jacobson, Open Spaces

“Let’s face it, technology can be over whelming and give you the feeling you’re never going to be up to date. I’ve told many people about Jon’s book since the seminar. If you follow his blueprint, you’ll be in good hands. Jon is well spoken and in touch with his audience’s needs.”
Montana Cannon,

“Thanks Jon– I enjoyed your presentation and all the information! Also, thank you for the feedback on our site and the report.”
Jennifer Melzer, Director of Operations Roadrunnersports

“I’ve attended a lot of seminars on social media marketing, both paid and free seminars. This was by far the most informative I’ve attended. The summit was jam-packed with useful and easily understood information, including how-to’s on keyword research, improving usability, and blogging. With the explosion of online marketing these days, I’ve found the wealth of knowledge to be overwhelming. Jon’s presentation cut through much of the frills and really gave me the groundwork towards understanding and using online marketing. Jon, thanks for the invaluable information.”
Mariette Pan,

“I really enjoyed your presentation Saturday! The Content Rich Online Marketing Summit filled in some of the gaps I had in understanding online promotion. The URLs and real-life examples provided me with the means to start looking at my work in more depth. I also read your book – your program has proven results!”
Kevin Brown, PT, MPT – President, Persistent Performance Inc

“In the first fifteen minutes you had taught me more useful information than I think I have ever learned in another seminar. Your talk and encouragement was just what I needed. I was impressed. I walked away from two and a half hours of your course more confident and exited about the possibilities of what I can do with the information I learned. And I have a manual for how to do it! My sincere appreciation for your information, guidance and support.”
Kristen Arrivee – American School of French Marquetry, Inc.

“Thank you for the GREAT information. It was a real pleasure to have you at our recent meeting! Really terrific information.”
Melissa Bennett, San Diego Young Entrepreneurs

“Many walked away with new insights and excitement about what can be done online. I really enjoyed it and got a lot of value from your talk. Thank you very much!”
Susie Silvestri – Founder, Stress Less for Life

“Jon is a man of principle and is a role model for people everywhere. He has dedication, loyalty, honesty, diligence, integrity and creativity and works for the common good by bringing together and managing opposing views to successful conclusions. Jon communicates exceedingly well with both large and small groups of people – Highly recommended!”
Luella Zamzow – California 4-H Program

“There has never been a time in our nation’s history when people with leadership abilities, such as you have demonstrated, have been more desperately needed. I applaud you Jon!”
John MacDonald – Supervisor, County of San Diego

“Jon brought the complexity of web optimization to us and broke it down on a human level, explaining each media type and its importance to the future success of the company or brand.”
Linda Beattie – Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.

“I attended your presentation at the Bulldog Reporter conference in New York earlier this year and thought your presentation was terrific! I am interested in putting your name forward as a possible speaker for our Global Communications Meeting in Orlando. I think you would add tremendous value!”
Corinne Kovalsky, Raytheon

“Thank you so much for your contribution to our meeting and the wonderful information you gifted us! We will update our website using your ideas. In fact, I think everyone at the meeting will be using the tools you presented.”
Gretchen Bergman – PATH Organization