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by Jon Wuebben - Founder and CEO of Content Launch

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Review of Scott Fox's "e-Riches 2.0"

e-Riches2Scott Fox has done it again with his latest book, “e-Riches 2.0”, putting together an easy to understand, thoroughly comprehensive “how-to” on all the latest online marketing tools and strategies. Like Scott, I believe that there is a huge opportunity to provide this type of instruction to the millions of small businesses out there who may be challenged in the online marketing space. There are still many business owners who feel overwhelmed by all the stuff coming at them when it comes to Web 2.0.

I love how he emphasized the importance of social media and attempted to allay any fears that businesses might have about this exciting and very important type of new marketing. The “Top 10 Reasons You Need to Be on Social Networks” is a must read on page 102.

What else did I like? [click to continue…]


Local Search – It's Getting Bigger

SDOf all the projects we’re working on and all the topics I speak about, I’m the most excited about local search and the growth of what’s happening out there on Main Street, USA. In fact, there are so many smaller, local retail businesses “getting it” now that the growth of Local Search is out pacing overall online search. And you know that’s big because the web continues to explode, month after month, year after year.

What does this mean? It means that the landscape of search is changing right before our very eyes. It means that small mom and pop companies that service the city they are located in are growing and finding new, more efficient ways of doing business.

A tremendous surge in the annual growth of local search far out paced growth of overall Web search.   How do we know about all of this?  I’m seeing it in my clients. I’m hearing it on the street. And studies are showing it too. In fact, a study conducted by comScore, Inc., a leading Web behavior research firm, and the Yellow Pages Association this past spring produced some very interesting data. [click to continue…]


leverageQuestion for you: When you write a blog post what happens to it?  Is it just posted on your blog, awaiting replies?  I hope the answer is no. You see, there’s this thing called Social Media, which has sort of taken over the world and is bringing people together in ways never before seen…have you heard about it? He he.

…OK, we know you have. But are you using it?

Many people have complained about the time commitment for social media and the proliferation of all these new online places we need to have a presence on. But you see, here is the secret: The power of leveraging is the answer. When you write something on one vehicle (Say your blog) and its gets posted to all of them – that makes your time more efficient, right?

Remember that not everyone gets all their information from the same source. A devoted Twitter fan may not read any blogs.  Someone surfing online may have never been on Facebook. The key is to have all of your content on all of the various channels; unless, of course, the content was specifically designed and intended for a certain audience. This is rare however.

Here are a few other important notes: [click to continue…]


testimonials_mainSo of all the types of content out there, which would you say is the one that delivers the most?  Which one – day in, day out – helps tell your story, generates more leads and provides you with the best new business?  As if the title of this post isn’t enough of a give-away… YES… it’s the testimonials from your previous clients.  These little juggernauts of positive opinion can take any small startup and put it on a one way flight to success.

Of course, we all know the exponential growth and benefits of social media, the tried and true power of email marketing and other important tactics, but ask yourself this: are any of these coming from someone else? (ie. Not you)

People love hearing what other people think. It’s that simple. Look at How about Trip Advisor or Amazon reviews? What would they be without those trusted opinions?  Rule # 1: It’s got to come from a third party. (ie. your clients)  This is what gives it the power.

A Few Helpful Reminders when it comes to Testimonials: [click to continue…]


Top42The Content Rich Blog was just recognized for the first time on The Junta42 Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs! Ranked at # 25, we are very pleased to be a part of this esteemed group of bloggers – a community that continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with online content. This list highlights the best bloggers for content marketing discussion and opinion. Joe Pulizzi, who runs Junta 42, is an undisputed thought leader in the space and one who we all look to for the latest and greatest ideas when it comes to web marketing and content strategy.


Interview with Smallbiz America

smallbizamericaSmallbiz America is an integrated new-media platform created to help entrepreneurs profit in business and prosper in life.  Check out my recent interview with David Wolf, CEO of Smallbiz America. I enjoyed the chance to speak to so many passionate business builders.


michael-jacksonSo when you’re writing that copy, whether it’s a blog post, a new Services page or a press release, what are you ultimately trying to do? When you are shooting that video, tweaking the audio and editing out the bad stuff, what do you want to accomplish? Yes, you want to communicate something. Yes, you want to get ranked in the search engines. And yes, you want that prospect to turn into a customer. But, really…in the end, you are trying to build your brand.

And with the untimely passing of music icon Michael Jackson, I was reminded of his sheer power to sell, promote and yes, build a lasting brand. And let’s face it; building a brand in the music business is incredibly tough. Think of those artists that actually lasted longer than twenty years. There are probably about a dozen. That’s it. And with the incredible outpouring around the world for this song and dance man, this poor boy who ultimately crossed racial, demographic, economic and every other type of boundary, his brand power displays greater resonance than any of us ever thought he had while he was alive. How would you like to make your company as ubiquitous and powerful as that? It’s pretty compelling.

And what is branding exactly? [click to continue…]


It seems like with every blog I frequent, the topics covered have morphed into a social media cornucopia of delights. The topic used to just be “social media” …now it’s subdivided and multiplied into a number of sub-topics within the larger umbrella.  From video marketing and distribution to Social media tools; social media training and advertising to integrating social media and traditional media, the list is endless.  And despite all of this activity and buzz, there are many thousands of companies out there – large and small that are still resisting it.

Why?  Because resisting an idea is human nature 101.  Even for some of those who like to be out in front.  And I surmise it’s more of an issue in America, where it seems we are always wondering, regardless of what it is — How can I turn this great idea into cash?  Oh yeah, that ROI thing.  Maybe social media will finally help place “building a community” and “establishing a brand” above ROI once and for all. (where they should be). Whether we are talking about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog – it’s all the same.  Embrace them now and they will love you back.

So, how can you benefit from Social Media content? [click to continue…]


Content Can Live Forever Online

So tell me, have you ever Googled your name?  Come on, I know you have. Who doesn’t?  It can be pretty interesting and even entertaining to see what’s out there – both what you have authored and what others are saying about you… both the informed and uninformed. 😉 And as I recently made another cruise through the pages that donned my name, I was reminded of something very important:

Content can live forever on the Internet.

This is a critical piece of information, especially for those who are new to the web and haven’t practiced restraint when they have decided to spout their opinion, weighed in on a hot debate or maybe surfed the web and contributed something when they were a little less than coherent. Or perhaps wrote and published some articles that had wrong information in them. It happens. But, do you really want this stuff following you around for the next 50 years?  I think we all agree that when you publish something on your blog, on a PR site, on Twitter or wherever, its critical to make sure its reviewed a few times… by a couple different people… before you launch it to the world.

But what I really want to stress are the benefits of this “forever available” online content: [click to continue…]


By Guest Blogger: David Chapman

Before the Internet came along, one of the most time consuming and expensive tasks of any marketer was trying to get in front of the right target market.  Who exactly is interested in buying our products? Who could use our services? Companies the world over did everything they could, but it was still a very inefficient process. Print ad campaigns were run, but would only mean something to 10% of those that saw it. And you didn’t know who they were or how to follow up with them. Direct mail campaigns were sent, but only 2% or less of the people that got these ever contacted the company. Companies had very little opportunity to have prospects come to them, or employ “pull” marketing. The predominant method was “push” advertising and because the company, not the prospect, was in control, it was an ineffective method.

Then came the Internet. And along with it, pay per click advertising. All of a sudden, everything was turned on its head. True “Pull” marketing could be used – in mass. You could get in front of those who wanted you to get in front of them, essentially. [click to continue…]