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by Jon Wuebben - Founder and CEO of Content Launch

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by Jon Wuebben

Much of what we have learned regarding website usability comes from researcher and writer Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D. He has been called “the best-known design and usability guru on the Internet” and the insight that we have gained through his studies have made a huge impact on how we improve the user experience. Almost all of the findings have a correlation to SEO copy writing, so it’s important that we take a look at some of the key take-aways. [click to continue…]


by Jon Wuebben

The Content Rich Quotient is a measurement tool I developed to help companies understand where they are relative to their competitors and to determine where they are along the path of their online copy writing evolution. It also shows how current they are with what’s happening in search marketing and SEO copy writing. Essentially, it’s made up of four key areas, each one having a unique importance to the total CRQ score.

These four areas are: [click to continue…]


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I was fortunate to be the guest of Scott Fox, author of Internet Riches, on his weekly podcast show last month. Scott asked some great questions and was able to get right to the heart of the power of online content development and SEO copy writing. My thanks to Scott for having me on his show. I look forward to more joint opportunities with him in the near future. Have a listen and let me know what you think!


What is SEO Copywriting?

by Jon Wuebben

First, it’s important to know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of using a variety of techniques to improve a site’s ranking on the search engines. These things could include editing or adding to HTML code, working with site navigation features, employing linking strategies, and last but not least: Web Page Copywriting.

The challenge for many businesses is that they don’t know the basics. The information in this blog as well as my book, Content Rich, will put you well on your way!

Serving Two Masters

Your website copy serves to unique functions. The two masters we are referring to? The Search Engines like Google and Yahoo and the potential customer who has found your site. [click to continue…]