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Local Business Directories for Local SEO

Directories have been the staple of any SEO link building campaign for a long time.  But over the years Google has really devalued links that come from some directories.  General web directories can be poor in quality and seldom have enough backlinks and quality content to bring traffic to your website.  What helps with citation building is a strong local business directory.

Good local business directories list businesses.  This fact alone cuts down on the spammy websites as in a local business directory these are actual business that provide real services.  What sets a business directory aside from a web directory are the contents of the listing.  Business directories will include a phone number and a business address.  Sometimes they may include other pertinent information like the URL, owners name and related business information.  Any directory that allows you to add a direct link is good for Google SEO as links are still a very important factor.

One of the main factors for Google Local Optimization is local citations for your business.  Google wants to be able to find plenty of information on the web that you are in fact a real company and other websites list your business information.  This can be one of the main factors in ranking in the Google local results.

Some of the best Local Business directories not only list your business information but also provide a link to your website.  This will help with your overall SEO efforts as well as your local SEO efforts.  Below are the top five local business directories for traffic and link juice.

1)     BOTW Local

2)     Ziffen

3)     DexKnows

4)     ThinkLocal

5)     Discover Our Town

Most of the other local business directories provide links that are not search engine friendly.  Although it’s still important to get listed as Google counts the citation and uses it in its local ranking algorithm. If you are looking for a great list to use to help build up your local citations, HubSpot has a blog post that includes 50 local business directories.

Another great tool is the Whitespark Local Citation Finder.  This free tool will help you find great places to list your business for your city.  Often times you will find local directories that are only specific to your city or region.

Tip: Citations and links are a good way to rank for local SEO but reviews on Google help as well.  Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google.

This Content is Currency blog post is from Stuart McHenry, the President of McKremie, an Internet Marketing Company that provides lawyer seo services.

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