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Copywriters and Designers: How to Play Nice When You’re on the Same Team

Creating effective web content involves many elements. Thought-provoking copy, eye-catching graphics and seamless web design must combine in a way that is pleasing for the consumer so that the message is properly conveyed and received. To help achieve this, it’s important for members from each creative group to openly communicate with each other.

However, all too often, copywriters, designers, and developers silo themselves off during a project, interacting as little as possible until it is unavoidable. This is a bad move because, in the end, the product as a whole might suffer—and that doesn’t help anyone. Below are some reasons why it’s important to constantly communicate with other team members and tips on facilitating the collaboration.

Save Yourself Time and Work

Having regular meetings and check-ins with all contributing parties of a project is not only good for building morale, it can also save you time and work. In an ideal world, everyone’s ideas would always be compatible and feasible, but the truth is that’s just not how it works. Copywriters come up with titles that are too long; graphic designers create a logo that completely misses the point—and then everyone has edits to do. However, if teams hold regular meetings where they compare and DISCUSS their progress and vision, they might be able to avoid some of these pitfalls—making them more efficient. Deadlines will be met, not feared and extensions will become a thing of the past.

Develop Better Ideas

When creative forces work TOGETHER the results can be magical. Checking in with all team members on a regular basis allows the team as a whole to assess the direction of a project and possibly establish or brainstorm better, more inventive ideas. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the swing of things and robotically produce routine content when you aren’t forced to honestly share your progress and thoughts as you work. A graphic designer might be on the verge of finishing up one idea, when suddenly a copywriter catches a glimpse and questions it. This forces the designer to defend and analyze their approach. Sometimes it might prompt change, sometimes it might not—but either way it will create a necessary dialogue.

Create a Well-Oiled Machine

When everyone works together, a rapport is developed and a certain comfort level is established. Ideas are allowed to flow freely, and creativity thrives. Gone should be the days of high school and college where people stuck to their own crowd and students with the same major. Your group becomes a sort of well-oiled machine that is capable of tackling any task with seamless precision. Whether you’re a writer, developer or designer you feel welcomed and value—this is how it should be. After all, you are all part of the same team right?

This Content is Currency blog post comes from Katheryn Rivas, a higher education writer and blogger. When she’s not digging and reporting about the latest online universities news, she can be found playing with her two Saint Bernard’s Chica and Chico.  She can be reached at

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