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by Jon Wuebben - Founder and CEO of Content Launch

Ten Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Website Grow

Google is releasing another update to their algorithm shortly and according to Matt Cutts, a senior Google engineer, it is all about high quality websites. Google are actively targeting sites with what they class as spam links and for a website to grow and evolve into a viable internet business today, content marketing is now undoubtedly the best way forward. Below, I underline ten ways content marketing can help your website grow

1. Content Creation – The creation of unique, quality content in itself has some very positive benefits for a website. Google is now more focused than ever as a “relevancy engine” rather than as a “search engine” and if you are constantly creating content, Google will detect this and rank you higher. The more relevant and recent the content you provide for a specific subject, Google will reward you.

2. Spark debate and engage users – Good content marketing is excellent for user engagement. Whether you are reviewing something, adding your commentary to a news item or just providing your own insights, you are providing your website with an outlet to reach out to visitors. Comments will be left below your posts, and as a writer you can do your best to interact and debate with users.

3. Social Media – Spreading this content across social media will mean it has the possibility of a lot more people picking up your post, reading and sharing it. The better the content, the greater the likelihood you will get more visitors and the ability to get potential leads. It’s a snowball effect which can only be triggered by the creation of a good blog post in the first place.

4. Utilization of different mediums – Content doesn’t stop at the written word. You can repackage a very popular blog post into a podcast, a video or an infographic, all different mediums allowing your content to spread to larger audiences on different websites.

5. SEO – All of this content creation has even bigger consequences for SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your sites. Google and other search engines now use “social factors” in their ranking algorithm meaning if your content is spread far and wide, your website will be well ranked on search engine result pages.

6. Build a community – Your content and social media sharing allows you the opportunity to build a loyal following. People who like your content will continue to return to your site. This leads to them being more open to sales pitches and promotions.

7. Become an authority – The consequence of all this content creation is that people begin to trust you as a reliable source of information and knowledge within your market. It is a type of trust which can’t be developed through any other type of marketing.

8. People will more likely take action – Once you have developed a rapport, you can write content tailored a lot more towards your own products and services. It is not wise to ever do blatant sales pitches but talking to a community which is your own and then being able to offer recommendations to them is the best type of marketing possible.

9. Users are likely to return for more – An authority is always the most trusted source of information. Visitors will likely return to your site in the future not only because you have a supply of good quality content but also for advice on what they need to buy.

10. Content Marketing is only going to become more powerful – Google is moving towards a more social platform with G+, Facebook and Twitter are still growing but traditional marketing techniques fail on these social networking sites. People visit them to socialize and not to be subjected to a sales pitch. Content marketing solves the solution by giving users what they want.

This Content is Currency blog post is from David Tully, who has written many articles on content marketing, many of which can be found at Bright Authority.

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