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How to Choose the Right Blog Topic For You

The sheer number of blogs on the Internet and the competition for readership still hasn’t stopped people from wanting to get in on the game. If you’re considering starting your own blog but don’t know where to begin, choosing your blog’s topic can be the hardest – but most important – first step:

  • Determine your Motivation for Blogging – Before choosing a topic for your blog, you need to clarify in your own mind what your motivation is for blogging. Are you a businessperson who wants to use your blog as a vehicle for selling a product or service? Are you an aspiring writer who wants to gain experience and exposure? Or maybe you want to start a movement or simply connect with people worldwide.
  • Check Your Bookmarks – Scan through the bookmark tabs on your browser and you’ll see the topics you already read about on a regular basis. Chances are you’re already an expert on one or more of these topics without even knowing it. You can also mine ebooks you’ve read or courses from online universities you’ve taken for an idea of potential topics you already have some interest and knowledge in.
  • Scan a Blog Directory – Websites such as Technorati organize blog content by category and act as a directory for blogs on the web. Check out a blog directory to get a feel for all of the different categories and sub-categories of potential topics for your blog and zero in on what peaks your interest first.
  • Research Similar Blogs – Before you finalize your blog topic, research other blogs focused on similar topics to size up the competition and get an idea of what business model they’ve used. This preliminary research stage can help you narrow down your idea for a topic even further by ruling out topics that have already been done-to-death on the Internet.

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