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5 Tools You Need to Create Online Content

Creating online content has never been easier. At the same time the importance of creating valuable content for your business is the price of admission in the online marketing world. Startups need to act like media companies. These upstarts need to create content such as ebooks and video courses in order to build goodwill with their user base. This goodwill leads to word of mouth marketing which leads to traffic and sales.

Here are the 5 tools you need to master to be a content creation guru:

1) ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is my new favorite software tool. It allows you to make HD quality screencasts for ANYTHING. Are you a Powerpoint master? Develop a 60-minute video course called “Powerpoint for Business” using ScreenFlow. Do you know the ins-and-outs of Google Analytics? Make a video course on GA. Give this video course away to your email list. Post weekly videos on YouTube. Share these videos via your social networks. Post and embed the videos on your site. Mainly just get this awesome content out into the universe.

The reason ScreenFlow rocks is because it is so easy to produce these HD video courses. You can chop and crop the video with ease.  By leveraging ScreenFlow you will have an unlimited number of HD video training courses at your disposal. These courses are your marketing ammunition.

PRO TIP: Use to execute pre-recorded webinars. You basically create a video webinar using ScreenFlow. Then you use to setup and execute your pre-recorded webinars for you. The whole system is completely automated and provides immense value to your users.

2) iMovie

iMovie is the standard video editing software. For non-pros iMovie is better than Final Cut Pro because it is much much easier to use. Combining ScreenFlow and iMovie will allow you make some seriously awesome video products.

If you become a ScreenFlow guru you may never have to use iMovie if your videos are mainly screencasts.

Both iMovie and ScreenFlow allow you to export directly to YouTube. I recommend pushing at least one video per week to YouTube. Make sure to add your full URL in the description so you can drive some traffic to your site.

3) Keynote

Keynote is legit! Keynote is basically PowerPoint for Mac. You can do so much badass stuff with Keynote. With so many practical applications you need to know how to leverage Keynote.

The big difference between Keynote and Powerpoint is that Keynote is much better on the design front. If you can’t use Photoshop, learning Keynote is the next best thing. With Keynote you can create posters, sales videos, clickable prototypes, and infographics.

4) WordPress

Ever heard of blogging? 🙂 Every online company needs to blog. WordPress is the standard. Don’t waste your time learning any other content management system. Learn to love blogging. Learn to love WordPress.

I recommend blogging 3 times a week. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to research relevant keywords you are trying to rank for. The Keyword Tool ensures that you are creating content that people are actually searching for.

5) MS Word

Use MS Word to create ebooks. Save the document as a PDF. And BOOM you have an ebook!

I’d say ebooks should be around 10 pages in length. The ebook should have pictures and some graphical elements.

You can create the graphical elements using Keynote and import them into the Word document.

Creating this content is pretty darn easy. Just master these 5 tools and the amount of content you can create will only be limited by the time you invest.

Good luck. Have fun! And I look forward to consuming your content 🙂

This is a guest post by Matt Smith. Matt (@MattASmitty) is an online sales and marketing dude. Currently Matt runs Business Pirate teaches you how to build your own video course business.

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