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The Simple Way To Increase your Twitter Followers

Alongside Facebook, Twitter is one of the largest, most impactful of the social networking sites…as we all know, these communities are quickly changing the way we communicate and connect. Whether you are a private user or a business service, Twitter has become an essential platform for speaking your mind and making yourself heard. But finding people to follow you is not always an easy task. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can make sure that your tweets reach a bigger audience. You need to keep your tweets:

• Relevant and informative (particularly for businesses)
• Current and in touch with world events
• Witty and engaging

Random Twitter updates that don’t provide any value can be frustrating to read. I don’t really care if MissTeen64 is eating sushi. Businesses that tell me they are having a great Monday will not grab my attention or my money. Try to keep your tweets informative and relevant. If your branch is having a sale, tweet about it. Tell the people what you need them to hear. This positive advertising and useful information will spread, and lead to new followers and turnover. If you use Twitter to voice your opinion or express yourself, then do so. The vehicle is there for you to take a stand, crack a joke, or spread information. If you want more visitors, try taking that approach.

Twitter gives businesses and individuals alike the chance to engage with a huge global audience in real time. In order to keep up and grow your following, tweet about things that are affecting you and your community now. If you continue tweeting about your family holiday in 1986, you simply won’t be exciting enough to attract more followers. Talking about the passing of Steve Jobs, or South Africa denying the Dalai Lama a visa will get you noticed.

Finally, even though Twitter is essential a tool for spreading news, information and opinions, there is no reason why your tweets need to be drab and formulaic. A witty outlook is sure to get you noticed. Make use of your limited characters in a clever, value added way if you want more followers. A bit of humor or insight really goes a long way too!

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is currently learning about Business Credit Cards and credit card articles.

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