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Humanize your Social Media Profiles

Observations from a customers perspective

Talk about word of mouth! I am a customer telling hundreds of my friends about your business. My facebook friends for example trust my recommendations. I share and promote your posts, sales, contests, and products. If you have a company blog, facebook page, or various other social media accounts but are experiencing no customer “action” don’t give up thinking it’s a waste of time. It’s not the medium that is the problem, it’s how you are using it. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind, my pet peeves as a customer or potential one as to why I don’t engage with your companies social media sites.

Social Media is not all about you.

I mean it is, but it’s nothing like television or radio advertising. It’s a TWO way street.

We are on these sites because we enjoy the art of socializing. Some of us respond more than others, but we are still watching and listening to what you post. Some users enjoy an opportunity to give their opinion on various topics. Others find pleasure in following interesting stories and responding to them. Many are on the look out for coupons, promos and incentives. If all you do is talk about your self, (and we all know someone like this in real life) if you never engage with me in some way, you will lose my interest and eventually I will drop you. Even a simple “like” to a response can go a long way and will keep us coming back for more. Keep in mind the social media marketing 80% – 20% Rule: Make 80% of the content you post interesting to your industry and 20% specifically about your company and/or product.

Social Media is about giving, taking and sharing.

There is an emotional element that comes with social media. We know the difference between generic and authentic posts. Who is the person behind your facebook page? There is a title for that person, it’s called “admin.” You see our profile picture and name. Why can’t we see who your social media content provider is? Are they male or female? I also click on your photos btw. If you have one or two photos up, I question your motives. I’m looking for pictures that express the human side of your business, not just pictures of your products. How about posting a picture of your web developer typing ferociously and photoshopping the computer “smoking”. I’m going to laugh out loud and share it with my online community!

Quality over Quantity

Instead of gathering us up like a heard of sheep, interact with us. If you are only focused on popularity, like getting 1000’s of fans, we see right through that. Make a human connection with us and we are more likely to come back for more. Think about the successful Dominoes Pizza Advertising Campaign. They admitted to their customers publicly in their ads that they made mistakes, and are listening to what their customers want. Dominoes even added an online “human tracker” element to their business. From dough to delivery, they show that humans are behind this company.

Don’t Trick Us

If you hire ghost admins or virtual assistants to represent your company, give them permission to come to life a little. Let them express their personality while staying professional. We don’t need to know how many times they were married, but a little personal knowledge about them is huge! I recently heard a contestant on Jeopardy talk about getting “the call” from the game show telling him that he made it as a contestant. He immediately called his sister to share the good news, and guess what? She just happened to walk into the “cash cab” at that exact moment! You see what I just did? I promoted a business, (Jeopardy ) by talking about one of their contestants. A short paragraph about your social media admin from time to time will help to humanize your business. Don’t underestimate us potential customers, we know the difference between generic connections and the real thing.

Just because we spend a hunk of time online does not mean we can’t tell real from fake. We grew up with late night infomercials. We sent in our allowance along with the coupon on the back of our comic books for those mythical sea monkeys. We learned at a young age about being scammed through advertising. We are sophisticated, we ask questions, we do our home work and we listen to our intuition. If you want your business to stand out through online marketing, treat us with respect and don’t forget to pay us a compliment and show some gratitude for subscribing and “liking” you online. Check out Firefox on facebook for ideas. Their tag line is “The browser with soul!” They host “Fantastic Fan of the Week” contests. Each week they post a “fans” picture, name and where they are from as their profile picture on facebook. Do you think the “fan of the week” shares this with everyone they know? You bet they do!

This Content is Currency blog post contribution was by Tanya Veilleux. She was awarded the 2011 Community Spirit Award by the city of Ann Arbor, Community Television Network. She is a freelance small business consultant currently working with Direct Incorporation, a company that assists with the core needs of a start-up business. Check out their site at:

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