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Driving Traffic to Your Site With Google+

With the introduction of Google+ as a social networking tool, it was only natural that people would want to also use it as a marketing tool. After all, other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have developed into powerful traffic building tools. Why shouldn’t Google+?

One thing to keep in mind when trying to build traffic with Google+ is that it’s not the same as any other network. It’s often compared to Facebook, but there are some key differences between the two. Some of the biggest points that set Google+ apart from Facebook are:

* Google+ has tighter privacy, thanks to its Circles feature.
* Google+ content can be found in search results.
* Unlike Facebook, Google+ has ties into other Google services, making it more far-reaching.
* Google+ is still much smaller than Facebook.

So, with this in mind, how can bloggers and webmasters bring traffic to their website?

One of the simplest and most effective ways is to start a business page and form a large network. This can be accomplished in much the same way that you would on Facebook, by encouraging visitors to your site to add you on Google+. By having a large following on Google+, you’ll show up on plenty of user’s Streams when they log on, giving you free advertising and a chance to bring in repeat traffic.

Since Google+ features Circles, not everything you share is going to reach the same audience. Posting a message on Facebook will automatically put it on the News Feed for everyone who is a fan of your business page or is friends with your personal page. On Google+, this can still be possible, but you can also lump people into different Circles.

This opens up the potential for more targeted marketing efforts. Suppose you run multiple blogs, one that gives advice to parents on how to save money and one that follows sports. With the Circles feature, you can make posts targeting only the Google+ users who would find your posts relevant, so that sports fans don’t get parenting tips and parents don’t get sports news. With the highly targeted marketing that Google+ allows, you can get a higher rate of return on your marketing efforts.

SEO is another major benefit of Google+, and might turn out to be the biggest of the benefits Google+ provides. Anyone who has Circled you in Google+ can see your content in their search results. This means that by posting content to your Google+ page that incorporates words people will search for, more people will see your content and will be likely to visit your site. This is a great way to increase traffic because it targets people who have you Circled, and you no longer are competing with thousands of other sites for placement.

One final, smaller method that is still effective for driving traffic is the +1 button. The +1 button is similar to Facebook’s Like button in the sense that it’s integrated into a number of aspects of Google, not just Google+. By incorporating the +1 button into your websites, you’ll gain higher visibility for users and see increases in traffic.

The thing to keep in mind is that Google+ is still in its relative infancy. These are all great tips for driving traffic, but the best advice for using Google+ to drive traffic to your site is to get signed up and start playing around. The networking site’s place on the web is still yet to be determined, and by signing up now you can get a head start on the competition.

This post was written for Content is Currency by Sean Gray. Sean blogs on an array of topics. If you’d like to learn more about him you can visit a company that will purchase your used automobile.

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