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6 Ways to Leverage Your Content

A while back, Jon wrote a post about “leveraging” your content. It got me thinking about the whole issue of leveraging – do people really just keep writing new blog posts and then forget about them while they’re archived into oblivion? Let’s say a blogger posts three times a week (a conservative estimate for some). By the time a month passes, they’ve created 12 original, high-quality pieces of content. At the same time, they’ve been obsessing over on-page seo, keyword research, link building, promoting the brand, and expanding the site, hoping that eventually they’ll start making more money. The next month, things just continue as normal. But blogging doesn’t need to be this much of a grind! Use what you’ve already created to your advantage. All of that content can be used in other areas to drive traffic to your site, get leads, and make conversions. In continuing with what Jon has already pointed out, there are at least seven specific ways that you can leverage content you’ve already created to your advantage.

Create an Ebook

If you often write about similar topics, start organizing your past articles into categories within an overall theme. For example, if you run a financial blog, you could start compiling every post you’ve ever written about investing. Then, you could start organizing your articles into categories such as “stocks,” “mutual funds,” and “real estate.” Before you know it, you’ve just compiled the chapters of a book that could interest beginning investors. Even though the articles are already available on your blog, people will often prefer to receive their information in a clear, concise and organized format that’s all in one place and free of ads or banners. You can offer this ebook as a PDF for sale on your site, or you can offer it for free to people who become members of your site or join your email list. Also, you can try submitting it to a directory such as,,, or These directories may provide some of the content exposure that your site needs to increase traffic.

Make Some Videos

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed the explosion of video content on the Internet. But it’s not all just sneezing pandas and laughing babies – if you’re not making some videos, you’re falling behind in the latest marketing techniques. Use your content to create a video by:

  • Making a “How-To” – If you have some articles that describe how to accomplish a task, a video that actually shows you going through the steps can be an excellent addition to your site.
  • Make a Collage  – If you sell or review many different products, make a promotional video that displays the products while you read the review or description that you’ve already written. Take the site, for example. The homepage is filled with text and image links to different categories of costumes, which the reader has to sift through to find what they want. This site could probably lower their bounce rate and increase their time on site stats by presenting a video titled, “Adult Costumes at Halloween Express” right on their homepage.
  • Getting Your Face Out There – People like to see a face behind a business – it increases trust. Simply making a video of you reading – any – of your content will allow your customers to feel more comfortable about buying from you. Even if you’re not selling anything, recording yourself reading your articles can add a personal touch that will keep some readers coming back.

If you end up making a group of similar high-quality videos, try offering them up for sale as a paid subscription. Otherwise, just post the videos wherever you can – YouTube, DailyMotion, related niche sites – to increase exposure. Also, pay close attention to any positive comments you get on the videos – these could be great leads.

Social Media & Bookmarking

This was one of Jon’s main points. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be great places to simply post your content again. Assuming you’ve done some legwork and have developed a social media presence, you can keep your profile updated with your latest content, whether it be blog entries, infographics, or video. A good strategy here is to “tease” your social media followers – give them a piece of content that will pique their interest, then inform them that they can get more information at your site. Check out this popular makeup blog’s Facebook page for a good example of this. In addition to social media, be sure to bookmark your content on sites like Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon.


This is a bit of a divisive issue – some bloggers will tell you to submit your already-written content to article directories like Ezine or Squidoo in order to increase exposure and direct targeted traffic to your site. This is certainly a viable option; however, to maintain the integrity of your articles and avoid any sort of duplicate content concerns, you may want to consider repurposing of ideas, rather than the content itself. For example, if you’ve written a post about “what it’s like to work from home,” think of all the similar posts you could write with ease – “avoiding distraction while working from home,” “setting up a home office,” etc. Then submit those articles to directories.

You can also repurpose some of your content to be used in press releases. A typical blog post won’t be professional enough to appear as press release content, but you probably have some articles written that can quickly be fixed up to put in a press release. Then use a site like PRWeb to distribute it.

Send Some Emails

“The money’s in the list” – you’ll hear this phrase often while researching Internet marketing. It’s often true – a large, targeted email list can be a great tool for getting people to visit your site and buy products. So, why not use some of your best, already-written content in your emails? Use content that will get readers to actually visit your site. This can involve some of your most intriguing titles – things like “Top 10…” “Best…” and “Weirdest…” can be great for attracting traffic.

Create a Membership Section

If you have a decent amount of traffic already, try putting some of your most insightful content in a paid subscription-only section of your site. Again, try teasing your visitors by providing an intro to a great piece, then telling them that the rest is only available for paying members. Setting a price point will be up to you, but it’s often helpful look at how much other bloggers in your niche charge. Remember this though – if you’re going to charge your readers, you’ll need to show them that you can provide extremely authoritative, excellent content, as well as other benefits such as coupons, promotions, contests, and private forums.


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Brand Consultant Farham November 13, 2011 at 6:39 pm

Aside form the 6 ways you mentioned I also submit articles on document sharing sites with my link on it and its really effective 🙂


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