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SXSW Interactive Show – My Review

Now that I’ve completed my 3 trade show travel schedule (and time consuming follow up) over the past 6 weeks, I can finally sit down and provide my thoughts and feedback on the events. The first one I attended (and exhibited at) was the SXSW Interactive show in Austin last month. In a word…WOW…this event was “off the hook”. Thats really the best way to explain it. Thousands of people and lots of cool music. A great “work hard-play hard” type of week. It was our first time at the event and we decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and purchase booth space as well. At $1800 for the booth space, it seemed like a great value. It ended up being a good decision. We made a ton of contacts at the show and have already closed a few new partnership arrangements, so for us, it was a great ROI.

But let me throw a word of caution out there — its not for every marketing firm or technology company. Because SXSW is a music, film AND interactive festival, you get a lot of bleed over from the other groups that are attending. For example, on the first full music day, we only had a handful of people come by the booth. The reason? Well, they weren’t our target market and didnt really care about web content services. But, regardless, the first 2 days of the show (the Interactive part) were great. and because my wife and I are HUGE music fans, it was a lot of fun for us as well. I saw Duran Duran at a tiny club and stood in the 5th row. For an 80’s child like me, that was almost as cool as signing a new deal with a new web hosting provider!

So, all in all, I would say that anyone interested in web or mobile marketing, online technology, etc should at least come next year to walk around and meet people on the show floor. Its a very inexpensive way to market your business. And for all those who think “old school” marketing tactics like trade shows are a thing of the past…not true. don’t make that mistake. There is nothing like a face to face meeting to build instant rapport. My overall review? SXSW is a phenomenal event and is a must see! Mark your calendars for 2012 now.

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