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Ad Tech SF 2011 – Report from the Field

So, to round out my trifecta of Spring trade shows was the Ad Tech event in San Francisco 2 weeks ago. Like the Web 2.0 Expo two weeks prior, this was my frist time at the show. In a word…INCREDIBLE! This show is good on every level – sessions, keynotes, trade show and parties. Its clearly one of the best online marketing events of the year and one of the best I have ever attended. My company, Content Launch, did not exhibit at the show. Instead, I simply walked the trade show floor and did some high powered networking. On day one, I worked the floor from noon-4pm solid without taking a break. I think I had at least 100 conversations and handed out over 100 business cards. That’s the kind of event it is…shoulder to shoulder with people, lots of energy and excitement and a ton of business going down.

The best part of the event was the trade show I think. There must have been over 300 exhibitors there, representing every facet of the web world. But one thing i did notice were lots of affiliate marketing – ad/publisher implies “Ad-Tech”…there were lots of advertising related solution providers in attendance. All in all, I would say its hands down one of the best uses of time from a guerilla marketing standpoint. For $50 airfare from San Diego (I went for 1 day), I was able to meet a ton of folks and network like crazy. Highly recommended for all online marketers. Go in 2012…you won’t regret it.

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