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by Jon Wuebben - Founder and CEO of Content Launch

The Importance of Telling a Story with Your Content

Most of us still recall a few good childhood stories. Whether it was our teachers or parents telling us them, one thing was clear: they fired up our imaginations and provided great satisfaction.  I know it was true with me. From “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to “Peter Pan”, “Where the Wild Things Are” to “The Giving Tree”, these indelible stories will be with me forever.

Like a good song, stories are mesmerizing because they touch us in lasting ways. In business and specifically content marketing, the power of story telling is lacking. I think there are huge, undiscovered opportunities to weave stories in and around your brand to build rock solid identification and loyalty in your customers.

And you know what? People never out grow their love of good stories. The key is finding a way to tell a story with your products, services and company as a whole. What are the values that drive your business? How can you connect to your target market is emotionally enriching, mutually beneficial ways?

With all the “noise” and interruption, we need a way to break through the clutter. A way that will impact people and help them understand where you are coming from, to appreciate the authentic space that you live in within your industry, to present it in a way that will absorb them and get them to want more.

In the business environment, and specifically with content marketing, storytelling should be embraced and nurtured. When you do, your audience will feel like they are a part of your story. And since you took the time to connect with them in a unique and sincere way, the way that they remember from stories of long ago, they will find ways to connect with you in meaningful, long lasting ways.

Why are executives like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney so legendary? In large part because they were able to engage peoples emotions. Within the confines of your online and mobile content, the same thing can be done. Creating scenarios of possible future events, using personal anecdotes and telling about experiences can truly get people – your potential customers – to stand up and take notice.

So those “run of the mill” products and services you offer? They will be much more interesting and engaging when used within the context of a story.

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