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The Best Weekly Recap of the Web 2.0 World…

With information overload being the standard for our daily lives its critically important to find shortcuts, quality curation and thorough “wrap ups” so we can spend our time more efficiently. I  don’t know about you, but I think one of the biggest problems out there…whether you’re working on a project for a client or trying to find something on the web, is that there is simply too many options and too many choices available. People are telling us everything instead of telling us everything we need to know. There is a huge difference, right?

Of course, a big responsibility in disseminating and finding the best stuff lies with us. But it can be very difficult sometimes. I know I’ve spent hours upon hours trying to find exactly what I was looking for on the web…many, many times. So, it helps when we finally find something that really works…or cuts down on the work anyway. 😉

So, the reason for this post was to generally rant about the issue, but also to share with you what I believe to be the best weekly recap of the Web 2.0 World. What is it? The recap on the Search Engine Watch blog. I absolutely love this thing, and I bet you will too. This weeks recap:


…oh and let me know if you have other weekly recaps (or other time saving search tips) that are worth looking at..thanks!

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