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Great Article on Web Content from Steve Rosenbaum at

A good friend of mine recently turned me on to a very interesting and forward thinking article on web content in the Huffington Post, “Content is King No Longer” by Steve Rosenbaum from

Steve makes the strong case that content and content strategy is evolving before our very eyes. Some companies get it. Others don’t. and a handful of others are wrestling with it. Everyone is now a content creator. He says, and I agree that quality content is determined by “context”. Finding, sorting, endorsing, sharing — it’s the beginning of a new chapter. Content Curation is becoming the new hot term.

In the article, Steve says, “Content is King” — no longer. Today, the world has changed. “Curation Is King.” Ok, I hear all the content-makers sharpening their knives to take me on. I’m ready.

First, why content is dead: Content used to be the high quality media that came out of the very pointed end of the funnel. Articles in the New York Times. Movies from Miramax. Thursday night comedy from NBC. Books published by Simon and Schuster. Creative folks wrote pitches, treatments, sample chapters, pilots, but only the best of the best got published.

Then, the web came along and blew that up. Kaboom! Now content has gone from being scarce to being ubiquitous. Bloggers make content. Flickr photographers make content. Facebook posts are content. Tumblr publishers make content. Content isn’t king because it isn’t scarce. It’s everywhere, it’s overwhelming, and it’s gone from quality to noise.”

The article is great…but the title is a little misleading. After reading it I thought, “ok, content isn’t just king, it’s the kingdom!”

The fact remains: Everything is changing when it comes to how we communicate. Time to get on board and see where it takes you!

Read the entire article now!

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