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Content Marketing Interview with Ramon Dees, Atlanta Small Business Marketing Coach

Recently, I was approached by Ramon Dees, a well known small business marketing coach in the Atlanta area, to do a teleseminar on my book, Content Rich.  Ramon is one of those guys whose enthusiasm and passion for marketing and small business just drip from his voice. Although I’ve only known him for a few weeks, I am convinced we’ll be hearing some big things from him for many years to come. He is a real asset to the small business community everywhere.

In fact, he is the only small business marketing consultant in Atlanta licensed to implement a marketing system proven to increase sales and revenue of small business owners 19.8% or more for the last 20 years. He is in business because he loves to help business owners realize their dreams and become more profitable. And I think that is fantastic.

He has three objectives he tries to achieve for his clients: help them jumpstart sales and revenue, increase the number of prospects they see and increase their conversion rate of prospects who become customers. If you’re in Atlanta and need some consultation, I highly recommend Ramon Dees!

Listen to the interview now.

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