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The "Content Rich Quotient" (CRQ) – Your SEO Copy Writing Gun

by Jon Wuebben

The Content Rich Quotient is a measurement tool I developed to help companies understand where they are relative to their competitors and to determine where they are along the path of their online copy writing evolution. It also shows how current they are with what’s happening in search marketing and SEO copy writing. Essentially, it’s made up of four key areas, each one having a unique importance to the total CRQ score.

These four areas are:

Content Breadth Factor: This analytic places importance on how many types of web content you are utilizing and how qualitative they are in terms of user benefit and SEO factors. What are the types of content we are referring to? Website, Article, Press Release, Blog, Pay Per Click and Newsletters. Of course, not all businesses and other organizations will need all of these online vehicles, but I personally believe almost all could benefit from each of them in one way or another.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Balance: SMO is all about making changes to optimize a site so that it is more easily linked to, more highly visible in social media searches on custom search engines like Technorati, and more frequently included in relevant posts on blogs, podcasts and vlogs. SMO is a relatively new development over the past 18 months. SEO, which has been around much longer, is the practice of using a variety of techniques to improve a site’s ranking on the search engines. By doing both of these things well, you are helping to build rich content. Make your content link-friendly! If you are blogging, make the post so incredible that others will want to link directly to it!

Content Effectiveness Measurement: Analyze people’s path through your site. Where are they just before they go to the order page or contact page? Which content is making the most impact? How many people are responding or reacting to your content? And how many content types are they responding to? You’ll need to study your web analytics program and/or ask them to find out, but this is extremely valuable information.

The Content “Clincher”: Which specific language/copy is truly responsible for the sale (or conversion)? If it was online content that converted a prospect (and not a personal conversation, phone interaction, direct mailer, etc) then wouldn’t you want to know which exact words, feature/benefit statements or specials made them say YES? Whatever it was, this would be known as the Content Clincher, the last attribute of the CRQ. If online content never converts prospects, well then your score for this would be “0”. The more different types of clinchers you have, the higher your score.

The Content Rich Quotient is a mix of subjective and objective scoring, but is very basic to understand and score. The total possible high score is 12. This would represent a site that has perfected their SEO copy writing, which in essence, makes it content rich. Each of the four attributes has a possible score of 3.

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